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Brian - Contractor


"We've seen tremendous results, month after month we see a lot more customer inquiries"

- Seth 

"The quality of leads has been more inline with my ideal clients"

- Jennifer

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Wedding Planner - Jennifer

The new inquiries I have been getting have been more inline with my ideal clients. The steady stream of inquiries comes in much more regularly and I can see that I'm reaching clients on a much broader scale!


Dentist - Dr. Berkowitz

I have noticed an increase in new patients making appointments in my office. Of course that's the whole purpose of advertising. We are also hiring a 3rd full time dentist to handle the new patients and looking forward to the future

IMG_7160_result webp

Contractor - Jason

This works...We have several different niches we applied this strategy to and it fills in the schedule and keeps my guys busy all year round! We will continue this process for more businesses in the future. Awesome A++

Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 11 26 39 AM_result webp
Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 11 26 39 AM_result webp

Barber Shop - Wayne

Traffic to my website has increased significantly, and my search engine rankings have improved dramatically. I highly recommend Jerry to any business looking to improve their online presence and drive more traffic to their website. They are truly experts in their field and they deliver great results.

IMG_1715 2 jpg
IMG_1715 2 jpg

Contractor - Brian

We switched over about 6 months ago, previously we were spending a lot of time and money on PPC. Since we made the switch our results for customers finding us through Google have gone through the roof!

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Med Spa - Phil

This is thorough, you can follow this easy course and they help you along the way if you need it. We got exactly what we set out to accomplish with our online presence...Highly recommend!

IMG_1719 jpg
IMG_1719 jpg

Estate Sale - Karen

I had been in business for about 2 years before we started this course. My main source of leads was from a shared lead company which almost never was my ideal clients. Now I don't even respond to shared leads. We generate are own leads 100% and continue to grow year after year!

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Manufacturing - Seth

We've seen tremendous results, our companies traffic has grown tremendously. Month over month we see a lot more customer inquiries, which has resulted in more customer turnover for us.