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Primary Blog/How To Follow Up | Learn How To Follow Up With Your Prospective Customers

How To Follow Up | Learn How To Follow Up With Your Prospective Customers

Thursday, January 26, 2023

If you’re not following up with your qualified prospects consistently, you’re missing out on a ton of business. It has been said, deals are made after 7-9 contacts with a prospect before making them a paid customer.

So many business owners lack a systematic follow-up system, which means you can easily capitalize on their short comings. I suggest incorporating a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system that will alert you of when you should follow up and the details about your prior conversations.

There are many CRM’s out there but one that I’ve personally used that got the job done for me was:

When and how often? Usually within 48 hours of initial conversation but you can also discuss when to follow up prior to ending your initial call. You can gauge how often based on your conversation. It could be every few days, once a week, or twice a month. Don’t be annoying but don’t let your competitor slide in and close the deal because you’re waiting for them to call you.

Never end a voicemail or a call without picking an appropriate time to follow-up. This will keep you in control of the timeline.

Prepare your follow up questions. Learn more details about why they want this project. See “How To Qualify Prospects” in the blog

Insert company value - why are you the best choice for the job? During a follow-up, you’ll want to do something to convince the prospect that you’re the right person for the job…inserting some value you can provide for FREE on your follow up call will tell the prospect that you care about them regardless of their decision.

Scarcity - adding scarcity is the #1 way to push people take action. Do you have another inquiry which can postpone their project timeline? Perhaps, you can offer an extra bonus if they decide right now? Put both these concepts together to make them a special offer if they act now!

Warm Leads - prioritize your warmest leads, less qualified leads shouldn’t be ignored you can try emails to keep your company fresh in their head when their ready to pull the trigger

Help them in anyway even if they say no, offer helpful tips, perhaps in the future they will change their mind and call you back for the job. Also, if its not a good fit for you or them, offer them some guidance on the next steps they could take.

Follow up with past customers. Thank them in a post card or email. They may have another job for you or referral.

Use some or all of these follow-up tips and watch your closing ratio increase dramatically!

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